Kat Vitou, Health Coach

If you love wholesome food, you have come to the right place. If you want to live a healthy life and  you are determined to stay on the right path, I’ll make the journey fun, fulfilling and full of surprises. Have a browse through all my recipes, and motivational posts – it’s just a taster of my work which is geared towards a balanced and positive outlook steered by a calm mind, great food, and achievable challenges!

Delicious, nutritious and fabulous all spring to mind when I think of Kat’s Wellbeing workshops!  I have attended several + 1-2-1 and I can genuinely say as a family we are eating far healthier all thanks to the wonderful and inspiring Kat.  She demonstrates easy recipes and snacks for the whole family to enjoy.  The delicious panko salmon fish fingers are a firm favourite in our house!  My husbands sweet tooth is partial to the alternative bounty bars!  I highly highly recommend attending Kat’s courses as she has so much knowledge to share in a bid to improve your wellbeing.  Thank you!! xxxx

 I highly highly recommend attending Kat’s course’s as she has so much knowledge to share in a bid to improve your wellbeing

Working with Kat has been the first time that I have really looked forward to taking care of myself. Each session is different, challenging and fun. We never do the same thing twice! We do however work on everything food and plan my exercise, Kat ensures that I enjoy what I am doing as everything is tailored for me. She knows how to push you without you realising it’s happening, the advice is so good and makes sense and you wonder why you didn’t do it the first place.  Who knew I would be able to cook meals from scratch, and now do press ups and the dreaded plank. Through eating well my skin is amazing and I have lost weight, I am also not stressed out as much with my job. Kat is able to look at the whole picture and has a wealth of health knowledge through her health coach studies. She is welcoming, motivating and fun and her energy for a healthy lifestyle is contagious and inspiring. 

Kat is inspiring – and so much more…

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