Sleep tips

A recent statistic showed that 27% of all people in UK only sleep 5-6 hour per night according to the Sleep Council.

When we get up in the night we wake up wanting to go to the toilet or suffer from anxiety and start to overthink. We all need our sleep, so our bodies can cleanse properly. Did you know that when we sleep our clever brains start to remove any plaque build up  (yes, we get plaque build on our teeth but also on our brain) which has come about through daily activity. Less sleep means a build up which could potentially lead to things like alzheimer’s and dementia. I recently started working with a client who needs help with sleeping and we have come up with a few immediate remedies to help move it along.

Here are my top sleep tips:

  1. Stop drinking 2 hours before you go to bed.
  2. No sugar rule, it will spike your blood.
  3. Try not to look at a computer or iPad or any electronics in your bedroom.
  4. Have a hot Epsom salt bath.
  5. Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique.
  6. Use Cherry active juice to replace melatonin lost with anxiety.
  7. No fast paced exercise especially for women (men tend to be OK).
  8. Take Magnesium citrate to up your levels.
  9. Do some stretching exercises with good breathing.
  10. Meditate – download a good one like Rest & Be or Headspace

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