Christmas day tips for eating well

I love Christmas day but did you know that new research suggests we eat around 5,241 calories on this one day! It would actually take us a whopping 9 hours in the gym burning off 590 calories per hour.

When it comes to Christmas day most people expect to gain weight. It is said we can add anything from 4lbs to 6lbs during the holidays.

The problem most people have is they tend to “write off” Christmas and resign themselves to an overeating festive period – not just on the Christmas main meal but all the nibbles and alcohol in between, we can eat over a period of 14/16 hours.

As a youngster is was almost seen as acceptable to over eat for the entire day. From a huge breakfast to a gigantic lunch, and not mention the millions of selection boxes, cheese and biscuits all kicking around. Everyone was ready to pop and top buttons were popped open.

Nowadays most of us work hard to stay in shape, so blasting it all away on one day seems a bit silly and harsh on our bodies. It is quick to add weight but can take longer to lose it.

I love a turkey dinner and all the trimmings and that will never stop. But like most people I have to reign in nibbles and remember that I can still enjoy my day more if I feel energised and not big and sluggish.

I will also add in a Christmas workout so my body gets some physical movement and I will go for a long walk after dinner to get some fresh air.

Many people try new diets or regimes in January that do not stick and they will only lose water the weight will not stay off, it’s important to make sure you find a plan you can stick too, rather than do a faddy one and set yourself up for disappointment.

Try to eat clean and exercise when you can each day all year round this is what I tell my clients, then you can enjoy Christmas without piling on the pounds.

Here are a few tips on how to manage Christmas day without falling into the over full trap:

    • Get up and hydrate with water. Do not drink in between meals, drink water before and after. If you want to fill up a little then have two glasses of water before the meal. (I use filter water)
    • Eat a healthy breakfast and try not to have a massive fry up. Eat well but be creative, try making eggs and avocado, or have a bircher, you have lots of good choices. Do a festive berry smoothie.
    • Crowd out the sugar – be mindful with chocolate/sweets, don’t gorge it, and don’t let the children do that. You don’t need to create situations of hyperactivity. They will already be naturally excited by the whole event.
    • Create healthy snacks and nibbles, plan them in advance and have a plan to include nutrients and greens.
    • Play board games for the brain, keep active with X-box games like just dance that the whole family can do. Make it a social connection, enjoy having people over.
    • Do a workout for 20 minutes get people to do it with you, this will energise you and move the body around helping you to avoid the usual slump.
    • Go for a lovely walk for an hour, it’s so special to get a bit of fresh air on Christmas Day and Boxing day.
    • Take a moment out on your own to be grateful and thankful for those around you and what you have received.



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