Juices and Smoothies: what is the difference?

2017-11-26 08.38.28

My morning smoothie

The first thing I will say is that smoothies and juices helped me through some health issues, and I continue to do them daily as they help me add nutrients into my body.

As a health coach I always encourage my clients to make them, I like to make juices and smoothies that taste amazing and then encourage everyone to give them a try and reap the benefits they give to us.

Both juicing and smoothie making are a way of  increasing our body’s intake of vegetables and fruit. Juicing can get nutrition into the system quicker, smoothies retain insoluble fibre that slows down the digestive system and keeps you full for longer.

I also encourage you to make them with 3/4 leafy greens, like kale, (be sure to just quickly blanche kale first to activate it) spinach, chard and many more. Add things like avocado or Omega oils for good fats.

What is the main difference?

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from fruit. The result is a rich nutrient juice that gets nutrients into your blood quicker as it’s a smoother liquid enabling your body to absorbs it quickly. It has insoluble fibre but not as much as the pulp.

Smoothies are one whole thing, it retains the fibre which is good for the gut. They slow down the digestive system, keeping that feeling of fullness for much longer. We consume fewer nutrients as some is lost as it passes out with soluble fibre, so while we do get nutrients we get less than a juice.





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