A list of things about our bodies which we take for granted

2018-01-05 10.26.01

  • When you learn a new skill it creates a new neural network in the brain to keep it functioning.
  • Using your brain keeps your brain young, not using it makes it go into decline. My analogy here is switching something on and never using it, eventually it will just switch itself off.
  • Every bite of food you eat alters your metabolism every day, it also alters the proportion of fat to your muscle and electrolyte balance, this is why you should be mindful of what you add into your well-balanced machine that is your body.
  • When we exercise it changes our muscles.
  • The levels of stress you subject on yourself either raises or lowers your immune system.
  • The immune system gets stronger or weaker in response to being in a loving relationship.
  • When we do nothing at all our muscles waste away and shrivel up.

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