Why we need to teach children to love food


As a mum of two young children I know how tricky it can be to fill your kids with the right food.

We have all experienced the independence that children show us, through making demands, or telling us NO. But they are set to test us, and we must remind ourselves that we need to guide them into making the correct choices.

Food is love and I love it. My Mum truly showed me love by making me beautiful fresh food from her culture and all from scratch. I have now carried this through to my own family and cook in the same social way I was taught by my mum. Our relationship with food today is the best it has ever been, and our love for it continues to blossom. This was not always the way, there was a time when I never gave it the love it needed and therefore my relationship with food was not always satisfactory.

When we go out with friends or celebrate special occasions, food is often the key ingredient.
When I first met my husband, I remember the joy of cooking for him – it was my way of showing him how much I liked him. When someone cooks for us we feel grateful and happy.

Nowadays, with busy lifestyles, we have become complacent about food. We have fallen out of love with food, and it is for many reasons. Often our introduction to food starts from what we are taught buy our own parents and unfortunately, perhaps some of them had their lack of love for food (not all of them of course), maybe we work longer hours now, reasons go on and on. Some people eat to survive but without the enjoyment, some people don’t like cooking, some people are too busy looking at social media, some people live alone, some people feel they don’t have any time for it.

All of the above makes me feel sad, because when you love real food, it loves you back, it not only gets you from that first kiss in your mouth, opening your taste buds, it then goes on a journey within your body, and this is where the magic happens. Your body receives nutrients which get logged into your gut and then are then distributed to all necessary areas where the nutrients belong. Good, healthy, whole food loves on the outside and in.

Somewhere along the way we decided to take the value of this amazing love for wholesome food, and wow ourselves with chemical enhanced food a majority of folk were wowed with clever marketing. We made poor choices becoming addicted to artificial ingredients. For most people this has become the norm – unmindful eating was invented and grab and go is now the way of life.

Food Education has evolved a long way since the old days of Home Economics classes where we made sugary snacks, such as rock cakes and we were ill informed of the benefits plant foods gave us.

Fast forward to today as adults we do know more. But now we have the highest rate of illnesses this world has ever seen. Type 2 diabetes has doubled since 2016, and not only that but we believe  1.1 million people are walking around undiagnosed. Obesity has hit an all-time high, and anorexia is through the roof. All this lack of love eating has seen a massive rise in diseases and the list is long. We rely heavily on our scientists to find cures and put enormous pressure on our NHS. Is that really how we want to live? What happened to taking responsibility and accessing what we put into our bodies.

Today chemically enhanced food has changed our genes, and for most of us in the world are out of balance because of it. In the richest countries in the world, the problem is huge. With so much choice we have become inundated therefore creating a mindless affair to food. It’s time to change, a fresh start for you and your children.

Encourage real food and watch your children grow up healthy and strong, persevere through the fussiness and ignite their taste buds. You’ll feel proud and they will always remember you for the food you made them, and they will love food!


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