Take non foods out of your diet


Alot of what we actually eat nowadays is not even food. Most of it has been so over processed it really cannot be called food. We would really only call it a substance.

With so much of it out there, we get confused about who says what, where, and when.  By reading labels, if they have health claims like low fat, high fibre, low carb, no added sugar then it usually means they are unhealthy. Reading these things usually stop the consumer from reading anymore as this is how the marketing messages work.

Gluten free aisles also have hidden ingredients behind the “gluten free” label, most of the time if you turn over the packet they have a high amount of sugar and in some cases they use margarine. Please read the labels!

What you need to do is ask yourself is  whether an actual human made the food or did nature do it? A human made a Haribo, and nature made an avocado.

Food for thought!

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