From dusk til dawn

Breakfast to energise you

When we wake up in the morning, we have come out of a cleansing process. Our bodies work all night long to make sure that it clears the plaque created the day before.

An important reason not to eat much after 7pm is because the body starts to prepare itself for sleep, you rest and it gets to work.

It rids the toxins that have built up in the day, Your body needs time to work out as much as possible.

If this is done with success by you, in the morning you need to wake up and fuel from your unconscious fasting state. 

The best way is to start with something that instantly pumps more oxygen, our highest recommendation would be a green smoothie this will energise your mind and body. Maybe even a smoothie bowl if you prefer not to have a drink version. Try not to have anything processed as your body cannot get anything good from it. Your body on waking will be looking for nourishing foods.

For a green smoothie look in our recipe section.

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