Wellness tips for flying

The top 10 wellness tips for flying

  1. Sleeping is crucial the night before a trip take magnesium it will relax your muscles and can help if flying makes you uncomfortable
  2. Workout the day before your trip to move the muscles around your body. Workout on the plane by stretching, go and do squats in the bathroom. Roll your neck and try and put your head between legs to circulate blood in your head.
  3. Drink a green juice or smoothie this will provide extra oxygen into your blood, make sure its full of green veggies
  4. Up your water intake to 8-9 glasses on the day of flying
  5. Bring your own snacks, organic omega mix, coconut flakes, dates and a kefir yogurt
  6. Eat a big meal before the plane ride, 70% veggies, eggs are a good source of protein, and avocado.
  7. Avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol on the flight
  8. Eat fermented foods before the trip and add probiotics for changing location to avoid a bad tummy
  9. Use a facial oil to keep your skin nice, I use Lumity, a shiny face during the flight means the skin is moisturised on landing.
  10. Pack in advance to avoid drama and stress

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