One good thing to start the day with is breakfast. I’m sharing some of my favourite recipes to get you feeling your best every morning.



I love having people over for brunch. I find it is the perfect time of day to have families over, everyone is awake (usually) and they are at their very best and also very hungry. I find that children especially love it, they get excited eating this particular meal, and if they have choices here … Continue reading Brunch

Kale and Egg Breakfast

Kale is the super green vegetable, with so many benefits for us we should all aim to make it part of our regular diet . Kale has an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, and copper; a very good source of vitamin B6, fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin B2; … Continue reading Kale and Egg Breakfast

Cauliflower for breakfast

Cauliflower steaks! If you thought Kale was the power food of the moment you are sadly mistaken, it is in fact all about the cauliflower this season. Often accompanied by a cheese sauce in my youth, I have now found many more healthy ways to add this humble ingredient into my meals, adding texture and … Continue reading Cauliflower for breakfast

Breakfast Granola

I never miss breakfast it’s my favourite meal of the day and one of huge importance. I love a good variety, but occasionally I get hold of something I like and have it religiously. I have just been through a long avocado phase but now winter is almost here I want to mix it up a … Continue reading Breakfast Granola

Weekend Breakfast

Breakfast is key in our house, we are not the type of family to skip it, EVER. We love getting up in the morning and eating to fuel ourselves for the day ahead. In the week breakfast is simple but healthy. At the weekends we take our time and make breakfast a treat. This isn’t … Continue reading Weekend Breakfast

Granola Muffins

This is a good breakfast for people who need to be very quick in the morning. Many of my clients who work full time like this recipe, mainly because a batch can be made very quickly on a Sunday night. This means they can grab and go on the way to work for a good … Continue reading Granola Muffins