Dinner revolves around family and friends as you’ll notice through these recipes that I’m really excited to share with you.


Paprika and Garlic Chicken

One of the reasons I am not vegetarian is because I like chicken. I really do enjoy most meals which include it. Nowadays though I am a lot fussier with how I buy it. I like organic chickens which come from lovely farms and have enjoyed there lives. The meat has to be good and contain no … Continue reading Paprika and Garlic Chicken

Panko Salmon Fingers

When I was a kid I loved fish fingers and I still do now, my kids love them now too. This is an easy mid week after school dinner I serve with rice and salad. If I can help it I avoid shop bought versions as they are processed, I now make my own and they really … Continue reading Panko Salmon Fingers

Pineapple Curry

My lovely mother is Malaysian so I feel very lucky to have grown up with asian flavours in our house as a child. Malaysia is such a wonderful country and food is a huge part of its culture. Everything is celebrated with food. Malaysia is influenced by a lot of its history when a lot of … Continue reading Pineapple Curry

Christmas Smorgasbord

I love a Christmas gathering but last year I was quite anti social which is very out of character. The year had been a tough one and all I wanted to do was see the new year in quietly with surrounded by my family. I was still suffering from much anxiety along with image issues … Continue reading Christmas Smorgasbord

Borlotti Bean Stew

Every week I get a fruit and vegetable box delivered from Abel & Cole. It’s a random mix and this week it included borlotti beans. I have eaten them before but never cooked them. The Borlotti bean is full of protein, an essential nutrient if you want to build muscle. It provides more protein than … Continue reading Borlotti Bean Stew

Friday Night Fakeaway

Ok everyone  it’s confession time. My name is Kat and I used to have the worse take out habit! Indian, Chinese, Japanese were some of my favourites but to be honest you name it, I would have it. Every Friday like clockwork I would make sure that the take out menu was in front of Richard … Continue reading Friday Night Fakeaway

Brown Miso Chicken

With my constant strive to feed my kids good, healthy, natural food this recipe wins hands down! Not only is it a delicious Chicken dish for all the family to enjoy but my children are huge fans. We eat it with rice and a simple salad. I love that it contains, ginger, garlic and honey … Continue reading Brown Miso Chicken

Roast Lamb Asian Style

Hearty, warm, healthy food is great for this cold spell. With lamb being quite a fatty meat It’s not something I cook regularly but it is something I grew up with. My parents loved it and my mum made a mean Malaysian curry which I have fond memories of. I have only recently started using … Continue reading Roast Lamb Asian Style

Chickpea and Mushroom Dahl

Vegetarian curry – This is such an easy recipe to make and a far healthier option when you make it yourself. Chickpeas and lentils are the perfect substitute for meat, not only are they filling but you won’t have that horrible bloated felling from a takeaway. As a woman who loves her chicken curry, this … Continue reading Chickpea and Mushroom Dahl