Christmas Smorgasbord

I love a Christmas gathering but last year I was quite anti social which is very out of character. The year had been a tough one and all I wanted to do was see the new year in quietly with surrounded by my family. I was still suffering from much anxiety along with image issues after treatment.

Ordinarily, I love this time of year, and I am almost back to myself so feel comfortable with letting my hair down once more –  well now that it’s begun to grow back! My energy levels aren’t what they used to be so I am reasonably picky and try to do only one event per weekend. If I do too much I am overcome with tiredness, and selfish as it sounds, I can’t deal with that these days. I like a clear head so that I can give all my precious time to Rich and the kids.

I live in a close where I only have 2 neighbours and lucky for me they are both such lovely families. Both being new to the area, I wanted to do something positive and so I decided to throw a little gathering for the Christmas festive season and welcome them. With many kids attending we started early in the evening so we could be done for 10pm and everyone could get a good nights sleep!

I wanted to make food that reflected my new love affair that I have taken on this year. I went to instagram or foodstagram as it is for me, and I found the perfect Smorgasbord made by a food hero of mine, Amelia Freer. I was determined to make it look amazing and taste amazing yet still being good for us!

Ingredients can be played with but keep it fresh and homemade if you can.

Place it on a table when you have a lot of guests, it’s what I call a cosy showstopper!

Find a huge board and fill it with fabulous things!!!