About Me

Healthy living has become a buzzword in recent years. People often dip in and out of healthy cooking as a way to ‘diet’ or ‘rejuvenate’. As a health coach my main goal is to change people’s attitudes for good, so that they are no longer taking conscious steps to live a healthy lifestyle, they’re just simply doing so instinctively. I believe that when you are healthy, you are happy and the energy reverberates to the other areas in your life: you become a better parent, friend and partner; you appear more confident, more enthusiastic and generally more positive.

Of course life has its hurdles. I should know having had my own but my own journey through a difficult two years helped me to realise that the only way to surmount stress (or at least show it who is boss!) was to make a clear path in the areas that I could control: namely what I ate, how I exercised and how I dealt with my darker days. It’s not an easy thing to do and we all need time and guidance, but you also need to think in the long term – in a nutshell, there is nothing more important than respecting your own health. It increases our ability to bounce back when we are confronted with difficulties – and in life that is sadly a given. My goal is to make healthy living second-nature to all my clients.

It’s also been my experience that healthy living paves the way for new friendships and lasting memories, making for a more positive outlook. We really are only as strong as the people we surround ourselves with and change comes through support and like-mindedness. So, while the title of this page says ‘About Me’, it’s really ‘About All of Us’ and how we can move forward to ensure that our future is as solid and cushioned as possible.