My Philosophy

There is no such thing as failure. My view is that by choosing a healthy meal you have taken a  step in the right direction – we all veer off course now and again but I’m here to help you stick at it! As a little taster of what I’m about here is my easy check list – a great way to get started on the right road. Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or just keen to lose weight and get those endorphins fired up, start the healing now.

Let’s begin the process together:

  • Start cooking – no shop bought anything!  Find a basic cookbook and pick a couple of recipes to practice on. It may sound difficult but repeat them for a couple of weeks and then you’ll be more confident to evolve your new found passion.
  • Drink water –  it’s that easy! Drink filtered water and have at least 9 glasses a day. Water hydrates and cleanses you and we constantly lose water from our bodies – it’s afterall what we are mostly made of.  It helps skin, and it helps us function – you’ll see concentration levels improve. It increases your energy and stops you from being tired. It can also help with weight loss. It gets rid of toxins helping your body eliminate them quickly. It aids in digestion and prevents things like constipation. It also boosts your immunity.
  • Eat greens – Greens contain so many vitamins and minerals – with enough of them you won’t need supplements. Go for kale, spinach and broccoli, and on a daily basis.
  • Eat protein – but only good protein! That means, if it’s meat make it grass fed only, and organic. You can get protein from other sources too like fresh fish –  remember the smaller the fish, the less mercury. Also remember eggs, legumes and lentils.
  • Be a vegetarian – at least a couple of days a week, or more. You don’t need to eat meat every day. Choose a vegan day, a meat day, a vegetarian day and a pescatarian day. It’s about finding balance.
  • Workout and be fit –  exercise can be a chore but the benefits are amazing, and by making your body stronger you are showing respect for it.  Get the blood moving. Workout as much as you can and if you do not like certain exercises, then go for a fast walk. The important thing is to get your heart pumping. As well as warding of depression and anxiety, exercise helps you lose weight and lower the risk of disease. Above all it builds confidence and that is crucial to a happy and determined self.
  • Chew your food – We lead such hectic lives but it’s so important not to rush. By chewing food, we help to break down larger particles into smaller particles. this helps reduce stress on the esophagus and helps the stomach metabolize food. When you chew you produce saliva which contains digestive enzymes and this helps your stomach produce energy. it also prevents heartburn, headaches, indigestion and low energy.
  • Think – before you eat anything. All too often we have a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to food. Think before you eat junk and ask yourself, ‘is this good for me?’ None of us are saints but it’s very easy to ‘overtreat’ ourselves when we’re really doing more harm than good. Try it! Love yourself.
  • Sugar – start to crowd it out and you’ll realise that it is an addiction.  Consider this too: if you craved alcohol or drugs in the same way, you would work really hard to stop your addition. Sugar doesn’t do anything for you, so replace it with sweet fruit and vegetables.
  • Fall in love with yourself and fit out – really find time for what pleases you, and be nice to yourself. Life is not a rush, we have choices and we can all start to making better decisions for ourselves. It’s then that the magic happens.