Delicious, nutritious and fabulous all spring to mind when I think of Kat’s Wellbeing workshops!  I have attended several + 1-2-1 and I can genuinely say as a family we are eating far healthier all thanks to the wonderful and inspiring Kat.  She demonstrates easy recipes and snacks for the whole family to enjoy.  The delicious panko salmon fish fingers are a firm favourite in our house!  My husbands sweet tooth is partial to the alternative bounty bars!  I highly highly recommend attending Kat’s courses as she has so much knowledge to share in a bid to improve your wellbeing.  Thank you!! xxxx

 I highly highly recommend attending Kat’s course’s as she has so much knowledge to share in a bid to improve your wellbeing

I attended two of Kat’s workshops recently and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Kat is one of those truly inspirational people you don’t come across very often in your life, someone with so much positive energy, passion, ambition and determination. I find that absolutely astonishing, knowing the personal health challenges that she’s had to overcome in the last few years.

As a health coach, Kat’s knowledge about foods, their nutritional benefits, ideas about including various foods in your diet etc, was super impressive. I loved her ideas about how to make delicious healthy food quickly, easily and also importantly, more appealing to children. Since attending her workshops, I’m now much more conscious of what’s in food that I buy and cook for my family and myself.

The setting in Kat’s kitchen for the workshop was great; intimate, relaxed and fun. A couple of great mornings spent with friends. The balance between listening to Kat speak and ‘learning by doing’ was spot on.

I wish Kat the very best of luck as she continues to establish herself in her new career, and I’ll certainly be seeing her for new and inspirational workshops in the near future! Thanks Kat!!

The balance between listening to Kat speak and ‘learning by doing’ was spot on.

I’ve loved doing one to one cooking sessions with Kat! Each session she arrives at my house with a basket full of ingredients and directs me through 2 new recipes. She’s fantastic company to have in the kitchen and working through new recipes with her stops trying something new from being daunting.  The new recipes that Kat’s introduced have increased my repertoire of dishes so I’m no longer cooking my family same meals all the time. I’ve also picked up some great tips at her workshops and her passion for healthy wholesome food is truly inspiring.


The new recipes that Kat’s introduced have increased my repertoire of dishes

Not only does Kat put you completely at ease within minutes of being in her presence, she also manages to make you feel like a legend in the kitchen!  She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things health and food related and is a truly fabulous teacher!  We could all learn a lot from her xxx️

She also manages to make you feel like a legend in the kitchen!

‘I‘ve always loved to cook, but Kat has taught me how to make super tasty and healthy meals for the whole family.  Like most, I was stuck cooking the same old meals weekly, but Kat has totally opened my eyes as to what we can enjoy as a whole family.  It’s important to me that I feed my family with the most nutritious meals I can, to keep them healthy and strong.’


Kat has totally opened my eyes as to what we can enjoy as a whole family.

‘Kat has an amazing energy with her subject.  She cares about what she does and cares dearly about the people she works with. Her workshops take you on a beautiful journey on how to take a healthier approach to life in very easy, achievable steps.  Thoroughly recommend this wonderful lady!!!’


Her workshops take you on a beautiful journey..

With no expectations I visited Kat for 1-1 sessions in January. After just 1 hour it was life changing. She uses her expertise in nutrition, cooking and talking to delve into underlying issues that we often bury deep or brush aside. I have been seeing her for 6 months and these sessions have given me a more balanced approach and healthier lifestyle even in stressful situations where we can make poor choices.
I cannot recommend her highly enough as a health coach.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a health coach…

Kat helped me through my time on Strictly Come Dancing when I needed to really eat healthy and look after myself. I was training for 8 hours a day and needed food to fuel me. Kat made a tailored menu of delicious seasonal food and that meant I would get the full amount of nutrients I needed to stay well throughout the competition. Not only would she make me healthy delicious food, she also made me turmeric juices so I could manage the inflammation from all the dancing.

I would recommend Kat to anyone, she knows how to coach, listen and keep you feeling balanced. Her food is amazing!

Her food is amazing!

Working with Kat has been the first time that I have really looked forward to taking care of myself. Each session is different, challenging and fun. We never do the same thing twice! We do however work on everything food and plan my exercise, Kat ensures that I enjoy what I am doing as everything is tailored for me. She knows how to push you without you realising it’s happening, the advice is so good and makes sense and you wonder why you didn’t do it the first place.  Who knew I would be able to cook meals from scratch, and now do press ups and the dreaded plank. Through eating well my skin is amazing and I have lost weight, I am also not stressed out as much with my job. Kat is able to look at the whole picture and has a wealth of health knowledge through her health coach studies. She is welcoming, motivating and fun and her energy for a healthy lifestyle is contagious and inspiring. 

Kat is inspiring – and so much more…