I have been working alongside Kat Vitou, my Health Coach, since the Summer Term 2017 and it has made a positive difference to my life and lifestyle in such a variety of different but equally important ways.

Firstly, I have learnt that if you want to really change your lifestyle – it is about more that simply fitness alone. Myself and two colleagues attend two sessions per week with Kat which are individually tailored to our varying needs, challenging and highly rewarding. We have all begun to change body shape and lose weight, we are feeling more positive about ourselves and our bodies and have become intrinsically motivated to exercise more and eat well. I have not felt like this for over two years and I don’t think you can underestimate this feeling.

However, and perhaps more importantly, alongside the coaching sessions comes an informative and personalised healthcare plan for each of us. This starts with Kat collecting some important, personal information about our bodies and personal goals at the start of the process and then continues with a unique 1:1 meeting with Kat after the first few sessions. Alongside each session, we are sent healthy recipe ideas, taught how to make healthy and nutritious smoothies, meals and snacks and given top tips and quotations to inspire and motivate us each week.

I have a stressful job from Monday to Friday and I find coming here to work with Kat each week, not only inspires me to exercise and learn about food rather than turn to a glass of wine to unwind and re-charge but actually de-stresses me and motivates me to want to achieve more.

We are booked up for a further 6 months with Kat but I am already hoping to continue my membership for a longer period of time. The secret of this program is that Kat is teaching us to live our lives with a healthier balance and care and to put our personal and health needs back at the top of the priority list. How can we look after anyone else at home or at work until we are feeling balanced, refreshed and healthy ourselves? Kat is also visiting my school to offer some consultancy sessions and will be presenting to the parents on Health and Nutrition in the EYFS in November 2017.

I think the words that come to mind are “Thank you!”