I attended two of Kat’s workshops recently and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Kat is one of those truly inspirational people you don’t come across very often in your life, someone with so much positive energy, passion, ambition and determination. I find that absolutely astonishing, knowing the personal health challenges that she’s had to overcome in the last few years.

As a health coach, Kat’s knowledge about foods, their nutritional benefits, ideas about including various foods in your diet etc, was super impressive. I loved her ideas about how to make delicious healthy food quickly, easily and also importantly, more appealing to children. Since attending her workshops, I’m now much more conscious of what’s in food that I buy and cook for my family and myself.

The setting in Kat’s kitchen for the workshop was great; intimate, relaxed and fun. A couple of great mornings spent with friends. The balance between listening to Kat speak and ‘learning by doing’ was spot on.

I wish Kat the very best of luck as she continues to establish herself in her new career, and I’ll certainly be seeing her for new and inspirational workshops in the near future! Thanks Kat!!

The balance between listening to Kat speak and ‘learning by doing’ was spot on.